Get Involved

In addition to participation in formal programs such as PRIME-US or JMP, there are innumerable ways to get involved with primary care activities at UCSF as a medical student or resident. We encourage students to apply to PCLA to fully take advantage of available resources and receive structured mentoring and guidance throughout medical school. However, we also recommend that any student interested in primary care sample from the opportunities below throughout the four years of medical school:

 Training Level






Student groups (e.g. PCP, IMIG, FMIG, PIG, GHIG) X X      
Shadowing X X      
Mentorship X X X X X
Research (e.g. Quality Improvement [QI], community-based, Pathways to Discovery) X X X X X
Student-run clinics X X      
Electives X X   X  
Summer opportunities (e.g. Curriculum Amabassadorship, Dean's Research Fellowship) X X      
Longitudinal clerkship (Model SFGH, PISCES, KLIC, LIFE, LCE)     X    
Internships and fellowships (PCLA, Gibbs)  X     X  
Sub-internship (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics) and away electives in primary care fields (rural health, Indian Health Service, global health, etc.)
Conferences  X  X   X X
Local or national advocacy X X X X X
Seminars, forums, events X X X X X


The PCLA is also working to enhance the medical student curriculum:

  • FPC selective in a primary care setting or relevant to primary care in some other way (e.g. health coaching, quality improvement)