Primary Care At UCSF

UCSF is nationally renowned for primary care research, opportunities for medical students, and resident training! It is also home to ongoing efforts to transform the practice of primary care.


Below is a general overview of primary care departments and outpatient clinics at UCSF relating to medical school training:




Medical School Training Opportunities

Family and Community Medicine

UCSF Family Medicine Center at Lakeshore Lakeshore FCM 110*, PISCES
Family Health Center Zuckerberg San Francisco General FCM 110*, Model SFGH

Internal Medicine (Division of General Internal Medicine)

Mt. Zion General Medicine Clinics Mt. Zion PISCES
  General Medicine Clinic (GMC) San Francisco General Hospital None
  VA Clinic San Francisco VA Medical Center None
  Screening and Acute Care Clinic (SACC) Parnassus PISCES


Pediatrics at Mount Zion Mount Zion  None
  Pediatric Screening and Acute Care Clinic Parnassus PISCES
  Pediatrics Primary Care Clinic SFGH Children's Health Center N/A
Other Primary Care Clinic at Laurel Village Laurel Village FCM 110*, PISCES*
  Women's Health Primary Care Mt. Zion  

 * Not all students in this program train at this site

 NOTE: A full list of UCSF primary care clinics is also available here.


UCSF is also a national center primary care advocacy, research, and eduction: