PCLA Project Funding


PCLA Projects

PCLA projects include all sorts of activities related to primary care, from one-day events to more long-term commitments (health fairs, QI projects, community-based work, research, etc).  Pretty much anything you can think of can qualify, you just need to let us know.  If you aren’t sure, contact us by email or phone.  The only hitch is that we can’t support projects that are part of your regular curriculum (e.g. FCM 110 projects) or projects for which you are already being paid (e.g. Curriculum Ambassador projects).  If you decide to continue one of these projects on your own, however, that would definitely qualify.

To get PCLA credit for projects, all you have to do is tell us about your work.  To get PCLA funding for projects, you have to send us a brief proposal.

Proposals: please include the following  (< 500 words): 

  1. Project Aim – what you want to achieve
  2. Project Justification – how it’s related to primary care
  3. Project Design – what you will be doing
  4. Expected Project Outcome(s) – what you hope the outcome will be
  5. Budget Justification - how the money will be spent

Timeline: proposals can be submitted at anytime.  The sooner you apply in the academic year, the more likely it is you will receive funding.

Review process: applications will be reviewed by the PCLA leadership team.  If you are not already a PCLA member, make sure you apply to PCLA first!

Awards:  amount depending on project scope and needs.

Project Reports:  a short report on your project outcome(s) must be submitted when you complete the project. This report will be disseminated and we may ask you to present your work at a PCLA event.  Reports should include (< 500 words):

-      Summary of Project Aim and Design

-      Description of Project Outcome(s)

-      Any Lessons Learned


If you have questions or want to submit a proposal, please contact:

Margo Vener ([email protected])