Interns and Fellows

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Current Interns and Fellows


PCLA Fellow - Jacob Mirsky, MA

Jacob Mirsky, MA is a fourth year medical student at UCSF and 2014-2015 Primary Care Leadership Academy Fellow. He was raised in New Jersey, received his BA and MA from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and researched the aging brain and dementia at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center prior to medical school. His first project as a PCLA Fellow was to build this website, and he is now exploring health activism by helping with the development of the San Francisco General Hospital Therapeutic Food Pantry (for which he was awarded a University of California Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship). He is active in Primary Care Progress, and he participated in the PISCES longitudinal third year clerkship program. During this year, he is also conducting clinical research with Dr. Urmimala Sarkar at San Francisco General Hospital as part of the Pathways to Discovery program in Health & Society. His clinical interests include primary care innovation, health IT, chronic disease management, and integrative medicine.


CEPC-PCLA Fellow - Sonali Sheth

Sonali's interest in Primary Care started well before medical school. She studied anthropology and public health in college, which jump started her interest in preventive management. She joined Primary Care Progress in her first year of medical school, which kept her engaged in primary care transformation. Through PCLA, she joined the CEPC to be an active participant in the transformative movement. She is currently working on a CEPC project that looks at PCMHs and their ability to reduce health disparities. Sonali is applying in Family Medicine with the hopes of continuing primary care research.


Gibbs Fellow - Maisha Davis



Prior Interns and Fellows


Summer Intern


Nate Cade (2014)

Nate Cade is a second year medical student who grew up in the hinterlands of northern California and went to college at Whitman in eastern Washington state. After graduation he bounced around for a few years—painting houses in Maine, working as an environmental educator in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and teaching English in rural Northwestern Guatemala—before deciding to move to the Bay Area and apply to medical school. While taking pre-requisite courses at San Francisco State University, Nate also worked in Quality Improvement at the San Francisco Health Plan. Since arriving at UCSF, Nate has cultivated his interest in primary care through various campus organizations including Primary Care Progress, Family Medicine Interest Group, and, of course, Primary Care Leadership Academy. Last spring, he helped plan and host the inaugural event of a primary care storytelling series called "Social Histories” and this summer, in addition to working as a PCLA intern, he was a recipient of the Vanderryn Memorial Fund Award for a summer preceptorship in Family Medicine. 


Jenni Sneden (2014)

Jennifer (Jenni) Sneden is a second year medical student at UCSF. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado she is an avid hiker, backpacker, and outdoor enthusiast. Prior to entering medical school, Jenni worked as a program manager for cervical cancer screening program in Western Kenya, an experience that ignited her interest in primary care and health system strengthening. Jenni currently co-facilitates a weekly patient education group at the SFGH Wellness Center that teaches methods for enhancing chronic disease management and wellness for cancer patients. Jenni joined PCLA to augment her medical education with longitudinal experiences in out-patient medicine and public health. Jenni is interested in family medicine and aspires to explore multidisciplinary team models for improving chronic disease prevention and management.